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Our First Collab Hat

Does Andrew Johns deserve a statue outside of Newcastle Stadium?


Of course he does. We are super excited to release our first collaboration hat with the boys behind the #bronzeforjohns movement. The boys behind this movement have been fighting and lobbying the authorities to try and get the 8th Immortal a statue built outside the stadium he dominated in for years.

Andrew Johns is a beloved figure not only in Newcastle, but in rugby league, and the impact he had on the steel city is undeniable. With our strong following in Newcastle, we thought it was a great opportunity to create an authentic throwback hat featuring a movement we know you guys will get behind.

The boys have made huge inroads already gaining the support of the NRL big wigs, local councils, and the man himself, however, more signatures are needed. To show your support simply sign the petition, that's it. Also, how good will it be in 30 years time dusting this bad boy off, reminiscing on how you helped spread the word to help get the statue built.

So, if you would like to add this lid to the collection, we have limited numbers available on our online store right now. Grab yours today.


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