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The Top 10 Hats Ever Made

Do you agree ?


During our journey we have come across a lot of hats. There are not many anymore that we come across that we have not seen, or had in our possession. So today we are going to look at the best hats that have ever been made in our opinion. And yes, all but one of them is made from corduroy, obviously !

#10 - Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games

These beautiful hats were created to promote the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. There are 3 variations of this style of hat, all featuring a beautiful plaid underside brim, and the McDonalds metal casted clip on the back. The best non-corduroy hat ever made.

#9 - Coca-Cola Future Ball

The best of many released Coca-Cola corduroy hats, this promotional item was part of a prize pack you could win weekly as part of the AFL's fantasy concept game called Future Ball". Each week you could play along at home, with a chance to win some really cool prizes.

#8 - Brisbane Bullets Corduroy Hat

This is the only NBL corduroy hat we have come across in our travels, and boy is it amazing. The classic embroidery on the front fits perfectly with this style of hat, and the shape is amazing. Surely other teams had their own versions of this style of hat ? We want them.

#7 - Australian Rugby Corduroy Hat

This shaped hat back to back, they just fit so bloody well on your head. But beyond that, the XXXX embroidery, the Kangaroo, and all the other squashed in details, this has to be considered one of the best hats ever made. Australian Rugby got something right.

#6 - Tooheys Old Black Ale Corduroy Hat

Whether Tooheys is your preferred drink of choice or not, one thing you can't deny is, they could make a bloody hat. The Yellow Classic, the Light Bitter, the Red, and the Draught, any of them could sit at this spot. But in our opinion, this one is the cream of the crop.

#5 - Swan Lager Corduroy Hat

Founded in the 1800's in Perth, Swan Lager produced one of the best corduroy hats ever made, look at it. The perfect logo for embroidery, and the choice of a Mustard corduroy hat, stunning. We have only ever found one of these, one of the rarer hats out there.

#4 - Steinlager Corduroy Hat

Another one of those super rare hats we have only ever found one of in our travels, and it is one of the most sought after for sure. Our brothers across the ditch at the Steinlager headquarters produced a winner with this one. So clean, so crisp, all around beautiful.

#3 - North Queensland Cowboys Corduroy Hat

The 90's produced the best range of hats ever made, the league cords are about as good as it gets. You could sit any teams corduroy make in the top 3 here, but personally we think the Cowboys version, the XXXX, the horns, the typography, it's the best of the bunch.

#2 - Fosters Special Bitter Corduroy Hat

To feature in the top 3 you have to be super rare right ? Another design we have only ever found one of, and do we regret selling it, big time. It is the weirdest shaped hat we have come across, but the two tone cord with the Fosters banner is so aesthetically pleasing.

#1 - Penrith Panthers Corduroy Hat

This was not part of the 90's range of NRL corduroy hats which featured above. This run of hats was made by the Panthers major sponsor Dahdah for the 91' Finals, which Penrith went on to win. What annoys me is, you wont find this anywhere, I have tried to find more, but if you watch the 91' Panthers vs Bears game, or the Panthers vs Raiders game, the hat is on every third persons head in the crowd. Some old boys have to have this hat in their garage buried somewhere, they have to. But in our biased opinion, this Penrith Panthers Dahdah corduroy hat produced for the year they went on to become Premiers for the first time is the rarest, and best hat ever made.


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