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Our History

Who are Filthy Finds ? Where did we come from ? What do we do ?


Filthy Finds has spent the last 18 months, searching and scrounging all corners of Australia and beyond to find the very best vintage headwear that exists. Operating exclusively on Instagram over this time, Filthy Finds has developed a niche community of like minded hat enthusiasts who have shown us nothing but love from day one.

Starting out with the idea of selling some of our own personal hat collection we had put together over the years on an Instagram page, we didn't at all expect it to get as popular as it did. Having now reached almost 14K followers on our Instagram, we feel we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy company.

Over this time however, in the back of our mind we have always had the idea of eventually coming up with our own designs, and we have finally made it happen. This past week has seen us release the Filthy Finds Originals on the launch of our official website, and we are super thankful for the reception we have received.

We are so thankful for everyone who spent their hard earned dollars on one of our items, and beyond overwhelmed that in just under 4 hours of going live, our entire store was sold out. We are so thankful to our community for continuing to support us, and for allowing us to continue to do something we are extremely passionate about.

With all that said, we here at Filthy Finds thought it was about time we made it all official, but nothing changes. We will be just as active as ever over on our social media, and we plan to be here day in and day out to bring every man and his dog iconic pieces of headwear. Stay tuned for the assortment of huge hats to come, and will have plenty as always.


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